At Malaga City decided to look at three famous pictures from Picasso at the Museum. It is recommended to book in advance but it is certainly worth the effort. I have chosen three that I photographed; three which in my mind are so striking.

The more we look at the face here we see three people, two on either side looking in at the sitter. She is hunched and holding her knees, such a natural pose.

Dog wrapped in a blanket is what strikes me. I say dog, but maybe we associate too much with the nostrils, and I don’t see many dogs like that!

One of his most famous. It is about peace, sharing and sharing? The middle bird is from another family and looks on, almost angry but waiting its turn.

One thought on “Pictures at an exhibition

  1. Thank you,Thomas,for the Picassos – I have not seen these ones before. Interesting that 2 of the 3 depicted animals. I preferred the one depicting peace

    Best wishes


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