This weekend my father is ninety, yes ninety. What happened since in those years is a history of the world in a short space of time.

1932 was a difficult year. In the States, Roosevelt defeated Hoover by an landslide against the depression as a background.

In Germany Hitler lost to Paul von Hindenburg in 1932, but his revenge against was far from over.

Maybe it was the moustaches that won it!

But a better man, my father I have never known. From Wales to Camberley where he was commissioned into The Essex Regiment he served in Korea, Hong Kong and BAOR Germany.

I want these pictures to tell his story.

Always smiling, never complaining, and here for his family over those years.

Happy Birthday father.

4 thoughts on “Ninety

    1. happy Birthday, James. I seem to remember helping you out of a hole in Dortmund. Details perhaps better left unmentioned !
      not many of us left who actually wore the Essex regiment silver capbadge.


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