Lombard and Fenchurch, The Post Office Court

Warburgs and Barclays, they all came to nought.

Dr. Butler’s Head, Jamaica Inn, Simpsons, George and Vulture

Raffles, The Antelope, Number 19, Whiteleys and Hair Sculpture.


Honda 70, BSA B50, Ford Escort, Golf and Passat

Henrietta, Carol, Rich Anthony, Poor Anthony, David Lavers and all that.

Sutherland Place, Lesser Avenue, King’s Road and Sloane Street

The Caledonian, Living Room Club and Special Forces is where we could meet.


West London College, City University, Rapid Results by mail

The City of London Library ensured that my Institute of Bankers was a pass not a fail.

Weekends at dances, green Wellies from Harrods and After Eights for the host

Sawbridgeworth, Minster Lovell, Whitchurch with thank you letters by post.


Sloane Ranger Handbook, Standard 30p, Floodlight, Race Cards and lists

For weddings long forgotten, who and why, though the bridesmaids were kissed.

We waited for the dances, the breakfasts and drank more than our share of the wine

While proud parents gasped at their daughter’s friends, why, they are so fine.


Engagements in the paper heralded the summer and for a reason

Overdrafts would be needed to buy one’s way into the season.

Free drinks at gate-crashed parties, Young Conservatives and evenings in the bar

Gave for morning headaches, longer lunches and sometimes sleeping in the car.


We knew nothing of Ramadan, Eid el Fitr or organised religion,

I gave a lunch party of baked grapefruit followed by pigeon.

We survived but I never remember washing anything even my clothes

And at the end we achieved very little but we managed and created a pose.

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